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insecurities & emotional attachment

16 Nov

“While confidence is important, there’s also a balance of keeping your insecurities in tact. They stop you from becoming an asshole. You need to be emotionally connected enough to care about your work, but not enough to take things personally. For me, the insecurities never go away. Becoming more established doesn’t decrease them, they just move around to different baskets.”
Lotta Nieminen for OKREAL

Resonate so hard.

2 Feb



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words to live by.

1 Feb


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expose yourself

27 Jan

To embarrassment.

To ridicule.

To risk.

To strange events & conditions.


To things that make you cringe.

To strange vistas & new sounds.

Trust me. It’ll be fun.

Jessica Hagy

ardent eyes.

23 Aug


this post. read it. enjoy.


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ardent eyes.

4 May





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ardent eyes.

28 Apr


this is genius. keeping this in mind right now.

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