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this week’s tasty treat

21 Jan

Ok, so I haven’t even gotten to last week’s tasty treat, but here’s my goal for this week (er, next weekend?).

Baked oatmeal with blackberries and ginger! Mmmmm…

Looks delish, pretty healthy, and fairly simple, so game on!

Maybe I’ll treat the fam to a brunch at my place featuring this?

photo and recipe compliments of babble via two tarts.


this week’s tasty treat

15 Jan

I’m definitely trying this recipe out this week! Grapes, bread and ricotta – what’s not to love?

I hope to document my new year’s resolution of trying at least one new recipe every week – figured it’s probably a pretty good way to keep myself accountable and achieving goals – right?

recipe and photo compliments of alexandra’s kitchen.