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The Row Pre-Fall 2013

21 Aug


Modesty seems to have made its way back into the fashion set this season (which is ironic, given the recent influx of midriff bearing crop tops – I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we were living in 1995. My mistake.). Tastemakers seem to be looking ahead to quieter sartorial statements with their Pre-Fall 2013 collections by way of conservative hemlines, minuscule heel height and nary a décolletage in sight. Case in point: the Olsens’ high-end line, The Row.

 The once tween-conscious sisters have certainly made a name for themselves in the luxury market with this line – which employs high-end furs, luscious fabrics and esteemed tailoring – and their Pre-Fall collection certainly does their reputation justice.

 Not only was the standard attention to detail and affinity for affluence present this season, a tendency toward propriety also made its way to center stage. Trousers were relaxed, skirts were long and the boxy silhouettes of tops and dresses certainly left much to the imagination (perhaps a bit too much?).








 Without fail, the design team focused on construction and precision, delivering, yet again, a lineup that didn’t skip a beat. From the obviously autumnal plaid patterns to the earthy color palette, this collection will easily take The Row’s customer into the cooler months ahead.

 All photos from Style.com. Hop on over there to see the full collection and their take on the lineup.


Chloé Pre-Fall 2013

15 Aug


Remember when Hannah MacGibbon left the helm of Chloé and a new face took the reins (that new face being Clare Waight Keller – ok, so she’s not entirely new to the fashion set, having worked for Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Pringle of Scottland, to name a few)?

I’ll admit, I was a tad disgruntled at the shake-up – weren’t you? I’d fallen in love with the youthful femininity of MacGibbon’s Chloé (this is the collection that did it), and was afraid this new leader wouldn’t stay true to the reinstated girly appeal.

But time has proven me wrong (yes, I’ll admit it), and I’ve grown to not only appreciate, but truly enjoy, Keller’s designs. Different? Yes. Bad? Not in the least.


Although not quite as bubblegum pink and bow heavy as MacGibbon (hey, I like bows, don’t judge), Keller certainly maintains Chloe’s habit of pronouncing the appeal of the fairer sex. Instead of ruffles, Keller prefers lace; instead of empire, Keller leans on a cinched waist; instead of punchy color palettes, Keller skews toward the more classic.

Case in point: her Pre-Fall 2013 collection presented in Paris earlier this year. While a 60s mod influence obviously motivated the designs this season, it was more of the put-together feel of Keller’s buttoned up looks that took center stage. A-line skirts, modest necklines and covered shoulders gave the collection a feel of propriety, while disheveled coifs sported by doe-eyed models let us know that Keller’s muse – in true Chloé girl form – doesn’t take herself too seriously.






It seems as if the Chloé girl has grown up in the wake of Keller’s reign, and I have to say that I’m (gasp!) actually starting to prefer her aesthetic to that of MacGibbon. Maybe I’m growing up a little too.

All photos from Style.com. Hop on over there to see the full collection and their take on the lineup.

alice + olivia pre-fall 2011

3 Jan

Ahh, another season, another abundance of collections to consider (ok, so Pre-Fall started quite some time ago, and we’re already anticipating the February shows, but I think we can all look past that small tidbit and pretend to be astounded as I get my blogging back on track – glad you’re with me).

So, on to the season. First up, Alice + Olivia (surprise, surprise). Despite its bubble gum sensibility and girly-girl aura, I am drawn to this line over and over again. And Stacey Bendet rarely disappoints me – present collection included. This season, the designer transported us to a Parisien café, complete with rose petals strewn across a marble floor, color coordinated knick-knacks perched atop a pedestal table and even an extraneously placed umbrella (‘cause it totally makes sense to be prepared for rain when it’s bright enough outside for over-sized sunglasses). Oh, but the clothes – covetable. Not only are Bendet’s Pre-Fall looks playful and feminine, they embody just enough edge for those girls who aren’t afraid to make quite the sartorial statement.

And while this collection was supposedly “a return to the pants,” according to Style.com, leg-baring skirts and dresses took center stage, per usual. From a sexy red pencil skirt paired with matching cinched jacket, to the more downtown-appropriate metallic mini coupled with knee-high boots and fur-trimmed cardigan, there is no question that Bendet’s strong suit is – and I think always will be – her ode to girly girls (though not the overtly dainty ones, mind you). Although, I wouldn’t mind having those daisy-print wide-legs in my closet come September.

Other strong looks from the collection include the leather shorts matched with mustard-trimmed blazer, the burnt orange button-down dress, and the utterly jaw-dropping, perfectly ethereal strapless cream and silver gown that rounded out the lineup. All in all, an expectedly well-executed collection with plenty of go-to pieces to hold us over ‘til fall.

photos compliments of Alice + Olivia via Style.com.