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ardent eyes.

17 May

video from shft via eater austin.


ardent eyes.

6 Apr

#ardenteyes to the max, y’all.

from where i sit: fast fashion

14 Nov

you’ve seen it. a myriad of respectable, well-known designers staking their claim in the mass market world via low-priced retailers. mr. lagerfeld kicked things off eight years ago, and soon an impressive lineup would follow. we had stella mccartney and comme des garçons for h&m (following in lagerfeld’s footsteps), christopher kane for topshop and a slew of notables for target.

sure, these for-the-masses collections seem exciting and fun with their “limited-edition” tags that compel even the most jaded fashion mavericks to urgently buy, but what does it really mean? what does it mean for the industry, for the reputation and prestige of “fashion,” and for society as a whole?

the notion of “fast fashion” is not totally unique. it’s one of many examples of the state of consumerism today. no longer do shoppers – for whatever product: clothing, furniture, appliances, cars – spend considerable amounts of time researching competing qualities of items. no longer do the masses study what goes into making a product and whether the process deems the outcome worthy of our dollars. no longer do we value quality. now the mark of a “good buy” is the lowest pricetag on the sales floor. we have become of society of disposables.

this is a scary concept that has many repercussions – at least as i see it. with the notion of “cheap” we’ve all become intoxicated with – meaning “low priced,” in modern day vernacular – how are we ever supposed to revamp this country’s manufacturing arm? bigger, faster, cheaper is not a goal accomplished here at home.

so while yes, it’s a nice thought that we can bring “designer” fashion to the masses, we have to take a step back and consider what that actually means. fashion was an exclusive industry for a reason. you have to work hard to be able to afford quality clothes. just like you have to work hard to buy a new oven, lease a new car, own a home, etc. but i fear our society has become too lazy for all that. because why would you make the extra effort when essentially the same labels (on the surface, anyway), are readily available at your corner convenience store?

on the flip side, one might argue that there’s no other choice – how are consumers supposed to buy quality items when the divide between price points is so steep? you have a $10 “designer” shirt on one end, and a $250 “designer” t-shirt on the other. doesn’t sound so democratic to me. sounds like another indication of the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots.

and that, i would say, is the real problem here.

out and about: olive & june

25 Oct

well, i finally did it. after months and months of olive & june being at the top of my gastro to-try list, i finally had the pleasure of visiting this local haunt.

and it did not disappoint. from the space’s charming atmosphere to its delicious wine selection to the café lights delicately floating above the outdoor patio, olive & june will undoubtedly remain at the top of my to-try-again list.

and since i was being silly, and failed to take any pictures of my own, photos from olive & june on flickr.


24 Oct

inspiration and time running low this week. so how ’bout we dream of

dining at one of kinfolk‘s stunning dinner parties?

photo from kinfolk magazine

street art

25 Jul

as austin becomes one of this country’s newest and fastest growing cultural hubs, it’s evident that what makes Austin special – and unique – is the amount of artistic passion and ingenuity much of its populace not only embraces, but personally possesses.

one of the things I love most about exploring this city are the many wall, street and sidewalk paintings (or chalk drawings, ceramic work, etc) that you are highly likely to stumble upon on a nice afternoon stroll, no matter what neighborhood you may choose. these art forms not only show the organic nature of austin’s art world, but give the city an old-world, nostalgic feel.

here are some of my favorites from around town…

congress avenue @ 3rd street

guadalupe @ 27th street

s. congress avenue

san jacinto boulevard @ mlk

s. congress avenue

5th street