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10 Apr


from wit + delight via you have broken the internet

ardent eyes.

16 Aug










ardent eyes.

6 Apr

#ardenteyes to the max, y’all.

ardent eyes.

16 Mar


photo from rhianna wurman via coco+kelley.


14 Mar

spotted this random artwork on an evening stroll during sxsw.

street art

25 Jul

as austin becomes one of this country’s newest and fastest growing cultural hubs, it’s evident that what makes Austin special – and unique – is the amount of artistic passion and ingenuity much of its populace not only embraces, but personally possesses.

one of the things I love most about exploring this city are the many wall, street and sidewalk paintings (or chalk drawings, ceramic work, etc) that you are highly likely to stumble upon on a nice afternoon stroll, no matter what neighborhood you may choose. these art forms not only show the organic nature of austin’s art world, but give the city an old-world, nostalgic feel.

here are some of my favorites from around town…

congress avenue @ 3rd street

guadalupe @ 27th street

s. congress avenue

san jacinto boulevard @ mlk

s. congress avenue

5th street