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expose yourself

27 Jan

To embarrassment.

To ridicule.

To risk.

To strange events & conditions.


To things that make you cringe.

To strange vistas & new sounds.

Trust me. It’ll be fun.

Jessica Hagy


ardent eyes.

6 Apr

#ardenteyes to the max, y’all.

25 Jun

photo compliments of wit + delight.

happy cry coming your way

21 Apr

there’s nothing sweeter to me than people crying at weddings – especially those smack dab in the middle of all the attention (i.e. bride, groom, dad, mom, etc.)

thanks to joanna over at a cup of jo, i had a nice happy cry this saturday morning.

check it out here.

my sentiments exactly.

18 Feb

compliments of elisx3 via wit + delight


alexis mabille fall couture 2011

6 Jul

“Welcome to the jungle” could easily have been the tagline for Alexis Mabille’s Fall 2011 couture collection. While not very haute or couture, the cliché phrase brings to mind all the images Mabille’s collection put right in front of us. Exotic feathers and luscious furs transformed each piece into the sartorial equivalent of a cheetah, jaguar and all sorts of  feathered foul while transporting audience members from their front-row seats into the uncharted world of whimsical wilderness.

Beginning with an elegant mocha colored gown with gorgeous lace overlay, Mabille’s fall lineup was a testament to the young designer’s eye for detail and focus on craftsmanship. And while the show did present a number of covetable dresses with impressive construction, the floor-length tassels, punk-inspired studs running down long sleeves and silver-mini-dress-mustard-tights ensemble that looked more fairy princess than fashion forward made the collection feel costumey rather than couture.

It’s evident that Alexis Mabille possesses the talent and vision required to stake a claim in the high fashion world, but it’s safe to say that his imagination sometimes runs a little too, dare I say, wild. But snow leopard-print gowns and giant hair feathers aside, Mabille is one designer that is probably not falling off the couture map any time soon.


*photos compliments of Yannis Vlamos/ via


exhibit: about face

27 Jun

One of my favorite spots in town, The Blanton Museum of Art, recently launched its newest exhibition, About Face, which calls into question the subject of portraits as a focus of art.

From social status to occupation to cultural and racial norms, the exhibit brings together the myriad of ways artists throughout history have viewed and projected their subjects in various media. Works from Alice Neel and Robert Henri exemplify the notion of portraits as a sign of prominence in society while Chuck Close and UT’s own Byron Kim explore the idea that a subject’s true persona cannot be restricted to a solitary portrayal.

And while the traditional formula for portraits has relied on a sitter’s physical attributes to tell his or her story, this exhibit forces viewers to think outside of the box by using works from Albrecht Dürer and Antonio Berni to demonstrate the use of setting and background as means to giving insights into who the subject is.