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here we go.

5 Feb


so clearly, i missed monday. but, let’s try to just sidestep that fact and carry on like usual. sound good? cool.

i don’t think this week will be too crazy – coming down from my nyc high will be the big thing on the to-do list. here are some others:

– following up on the meetings i had in the city

– two online classes today (still obsessed with this!)

– a bit of soul searching and gathering my thoughts again on the job search front

– tidying up after my travels

– birthday dinner for my little brother today



make it a good one, friends!

photos from wit + delight.


here we go.

29 Jan


well, the start of the week sure did get away from me. i guess i was in denial about those two glorious days ending already. how does it never fail that weekends are short and weeks are impossibly long? one of the great mysteries of life, i suppose.

so how was your weekend?

mine was full of long walks traversing all corners of downtown austin. in an effort to give my poorly equipped lower body joints a break – yes, i hear it. i sound like i’m 70. but if you came from bad knees on both sides of your family and had crazy flat feet, you’d get it – i’ve been drawing out my daily strolls to make up for forgone running time.

there’s something awesome about walking. walking through neighborhoods and across town. sites that whiz by every day from the car window somehow look new and fresh. you gain a greater appreciation of your normal surroundings. you discover things you never knew existed before.

like this…


and this…


and these…




you should give it a try. ok, i’m off my soap box now.

anywho, after my leisurely weekend, i’m ready for the filled-to-the-brim week in front of me. on the top of my list is prepping for my so-close-i-can-taste-it trip to nyc (yay!). here’s what else is on the docket:

– major cleaning of the ol’ apartment (it’s way past time)

– organizing my finances and taking a peek into the future with some planning

– laundry and packing

– and other necessities to wrap up before heading out of town

what’s on your list this week? hope it’s a good one.

here we go.

21 Jan


even though it’s a holiday and long weekend for many, i thought i’d carry on with our usual monday look-ahead-to-the-week post.

from a much needed lunch date today to getting my home life in order, this should be a pretty good week. here’s what’s going on:

– the aforementioned lunch with a dear friend at cenote today

– setting up in-person meetings with career contacts for my trip to nyc next week

– unpacking from my getaway to dallas this past weekend

– general organization and tidying up of my apartment





what’s going on with you? any exciting plans to look forward to?

all photos my own.

here we go.

14 Jan


good morning and happy monday, everyone. it’s a bit later in the morning, and surely the grumbles that inevitably accompany the first alarm clock sound of the week have subsided (right?). so, i think this is probably the perfect time to think optimistically about the week ahead.

here’s what’s on the docket for me:

-job apps galore! (no surprise there)

-finishing up and submitting the very exciting video app i’ve been talking about (exciting and nerve-inducing)

-some long, long, long overdue tailoring (done by the tailor, not me – just in case you were getting some false impressions of my sewing skills)

-prepping and packing for my getaway to dallas this weekend!

what’s on your agenda these next few days?





all photos from wit + delight.

here we go.

7 Jan


happy monday! i’m feeling a renewed sense of inspiration to restart my continuing job search this week – and thank god, ‘cause we’re getting down to the wire here.

the root cause? it’s easy – just keep that undying dream smack dab in the middle of your daily view. that’s it. hopefully it’ll keep working.


here’s what’s up this week:

– an idea finally struck for an exciting video application i’m working on (now it’s crunch time since the app is due next Friday! eeeek.)

– applying, applying, applying – i have a lofty goal of seven new job apps submitted this week

– signing up for independent health insurance today (this is what happens when you grow up…wishing my 26th birthday were, oh, six months from now)

– playing the sad game of putting away the christmas decorations – i think i held on as long as i could.

– starting to pack up my apartment (i can’t even talk about this one – too sad.)

– my birthday on tuesday – and all the many celebrations that go with it (i.e. lunch today, dinner tomorrow at olive & june, dinner wednesday at sway, dinner this weekend at lambert’s). so basically, lots and lots of eating. and we all know how much i love that.

what are you looking forward to this week? whatever it is, let’s do this!!





all photos my own.

here we go: 2013

1 Jan


2012 has come and gone, and a new year is upon us yet again. with each annual commencement come new sights, new beginnings and new hopes.

in 2011, i started the tradition of making a list of promises to keep throughout the year. “started,” you say? yes, started. i realize this idea is neither novel nor anywhere near an invention of mine. but yes, i started keeping a list of promises (aka: resolutions) to fulfill in 2011.

but not just any ol’ promises. no, promises that were realistic and that i very much intended to keep. they were true reflections on my life and directions in which i actually wanted to steer myself. there were things like, be less argumentative with my mom, be published in at least one new outlet, try one new recipe every other week, etc. real, quantifiable things that i actually wanted to do.

and i stuck to them. i did bite my tongue (save for a few wavering moments),  i did get published in a new outlet (hello, fashionista!) and i did try a new recipe every two weeks.

keeping up with my list felt satisfying and joyful. these were things that actually meant something to me – things i actually wanted in my life.

and that’s the key – new year’s resolutions don’t have to be crazy or world changing. they should come from really taking a look at your life and figuring out what things – big or small – you want to realistically do. no lofty i’m-going-to-exercise-twice-a-day-every-day vows. no ridiculous i’m-not-going-to-watch-any-tv-at-all ideas that allow for nothing but failure. just normal, realistic, meaningful things.

i also believe that new year’s resolutions can be quite personal. so in an effort to spare you from the inner musings of my dreaming mind, i’ll just include a few things on my list for 2013. here we go…

– be more accepting of people

– maintain friendships and build up relationships with my cousins

– finish the web coding lessons i’ve started

– take at least one picture at every social outing

– balance my check book immediately when the statement arrives

– find a job i’m truly passionate about

so that’s it. there you have it. we’ve checked off the 2012 list (and carried a few things over), and are ready for a new one. new goals have been set; new adventures have been thought up; and new everyday things have been promised.

bring it on, 2013.

photo from pbs.

here we go: christmas edition.

24 Dec


this is it – the most wonderful day of the year has finally arrived. there will be much merriment, revelry, dining and of course, drinking. here’s what i’m particularly looking forward to:

– christmas eve with my dad, stepmom and half brother today

– christmas day tomorrow at home with my mom and stepdad…complete with a scrumptious breakfast, a slew of festive movies, a hearty traditional dinner and perhaps a walk through a lit-up wonderland

– meeting up with a good friend who’s in town

– early birthday celebration with another friend

– a trip down south to visit the rest of the fam

should be a good one! merry merry to you and yours.

photo from weisses rauschen via wit + delight.