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17 Sep

i ran across this article over the weekend and found myself feeling inspired and proud. with the majority of fashion month still ahead of us, this nod toward interview‘s celebratory round-up of the industry’s most noteworthy critics comes at the perfect time and serves as the perfect reminder of what it takes to keep fashion moving forward.

as a burgeoning writer who dabbles in the occasional fashion review, i’ve experienced first-hand the notion of not shaking things up, or “ruffling feathers,” as so lovingly put it. it’s easy to feel that you haven’t earned that editorial gold star that gives the go-ahead to speak frankly and critically about the latest and greatest on the runways. but, with some gentle pushing from my editor, i realized how important – necessary, even – it is to view your subjects through a discerning lens.

without constructive, valuable, and yes, sometimes tough opinions from industry veterans like cathy horyn, suzy menkes and’s tim blanks, there wouldn’t be those constant pushes toward being better and better. why would designers strive to be on their a-game when everyone’s collections – both outstanding and not so – received the same sugar-coated praise?

i think it’s the unwavering stances of these fashion critics that keeps the industry at the top of its game. it’s the continual commentary that keeps designers striving for that killer review – and the snowball effect that undoubtedly ensues because of it. it’s the perpetual assessments that sets artists apart from each other. and not to mention, keeps the biannual fashion storms interesting.



6 Jul

riccardo tisci is a genius. that’s all.

givenchy fall 2012 couture. photos compliments of


14 Mar

spotted this random artwork on an evening stroll during sxsw.