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20 May

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. –Annie Dillard



10 Oct


so here we are. again. are we doing this again? or more, am i doing this again? and for what? recognition, notoriety, fame, or something supposedly deeper like self satisfaction?

what is one to do when the roads seem ever evolving, more twists and turns added with each step, more possible paths to take? when the sweet, straight-lined road – singular – is no longer so clearly marked? now there are forks, this-way-or-that-way signs. detours and blocks. what is one supposed to do with all those options? choose one? ah, but of course. just choose one – any one will do, you’ll find the way. go with a full heart and open mind and just choose one. simple. as. that.

but is it? will you find the way? will i?

i guess all we can do is keep walking and see…

photo from her paperweight via wit & delight

ardent eyes.

16 Feb



no, you most certainly cannot. let’s get out there and do it.

p.s. even though fashion week is (sadly) over (i don’t know what it is about that event, i just love it so), i still have a few reviews coming your way. stay tuned this week for more.

photo from note to self.

ardent eyes.

8 Feb


repeat alert. can’t get enough of this image.

photo from carolina engman on instagram via wit + delight.

“during this journey, work towards what you love. try not to be tempted by jobs that won’t get you there.” -lauren sherman

25 Jan

preach it, lauren. taking this to heart, for sure. let’s do this, job search.


ardent eyes.

18 Jan

apologies for the lack of posts this week – not sure what happened there. but alas, i’m back, with our regularly scheduled friday inspiration. check it…


and speaking of…pretty inspired by the app for this i submitted last night! bring it on, dreams.

photo from ifb on facebook.

“above all, don’t fear difficult moments. the best comes from them.” -rita levi-montalcini

11 Jan