nothing’s changed

1 Nov


all old, nothing new. the lingering wonder if things will ever be different. not yet. not this time. when will it shift? when will things mesh, the stars align, everything just click?

i can’t be someone’s crutch. i can’t be my own crutch. that’s not being true – that’s running away. stand on both feet, do your thing, and feel – know – that it’s right.

i can’t be everything to everyone. i can’t be a means to an end. we all need to figure it out. and we will – eventually. and if we do it together, great, but we have to stand on our own first.

is it staying true or just copping out? who knows. only you. only me. that’s the key, isn’t it? knowing. feeling. and then it’s right.

photo from the cat you & us via coco + kelley


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