from the runways: calvin klein

25 Feb

although new york fashion week has sadly ended, i’ll be bringing you a few more reviews and editorials straight from the runways in lieu of our regularly scheduled posts. happy fashioning!


 what is it about the calvin klein brand that keeps us enthralled season after season? is it designer francisco costa’s groundbreaking silhouettes? is it the line’s new-fangled textiles? is it the show-stopping production overwhelming the essence of the show?

so if it’s none of these, what is it? perhaps why we – and by we, of course i mean me – love a ck lineup so much is its sense of consistency. not to be confused with boring, the designs from this house are reliable. sure, you may see an interesting twist here or an eye-catching detail there, but what you really get from costa are pieces you can count on for the long haul.

and if that’s not a sign of a great line, i don’t know what is.

in an ode to that, costa sent out coats, dresses and trousers for autumn/winter 2013 all exuding that ck trustworthiness we’ve come to expect.




simple yet impactful silhouettes complimented the strategically lit venue and pounding music wafting through the air. even feminine dresses had strong shoulders and architectural pleating.

the buckle seemed to be the focal point – or eye-catching detail, if you will – this season. dotting all the aforementioned ensembles, and even the shoes, this gilded accessory was the consistency vein running through the entire collection.

everything about a calvin klein show is executed with precision. the clothes right down to the models’ turn-on-a-dime struts around varied routes are calculated and structured. nothing is left to chance, and as a result, we know we’re gonna get something good.

and that, my friends, is what a costa-led presentation is all about.













ed note: since i had to enjoy nyfw from the comforts of my own home this season, please excuse my borrowing of photos from hop on over there for the full collection and their take on this season’s designs.

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