from the runways: badgley mischka

18 Feb

although new york fashion week has sadly ended, i’ll be bringing you a few more reviews and editorials straight from the runways in lieu of our regularly scheduled posts. happy fashioning!


this season, design-duo mark badgley and james mischka gave a nod to the femme fatale spotlighted in the works of the insurmountable curator of darkness, alfred hitchcock.

this inspiration came off perfectly in the designers’ show last week. impending music cascaded through the dark drenched setting while smoke billowed from backstage, presenting models with sly looks and coy smirks who were undoubtedly up to something.





the clothes were appropriately luxurious for the designers’ menacing muse. womanly silhouettes accented by fur stoles and jewel-encrusted necklines, waistlines and hemlines gave the indication that this was a lady who knew what she wanted. The color palette played up the devious nature of our star, as well, as silk, satin and lace ensembles were soaked in luscious shades of red, navy, gray and of course, black.








alongside the few knee-length pencil skirts and cocktail dresses, an assortment of gowns were presented in true badgley mischka fashion. bathed in a sense of intrigue and seduction, there was something different about the gowns this season. as models descended the runway, the looks seemed ordinary, but as the pivotal turn was taken and the trek toward backstage commenced, entrancing back detailing gave a jolt of pleasure. how astutely executed were those skin-exposing slits and plunging reverse necklines.










overall, badgley mischka’s fall 2013 collection was a success. while there wasn’t anything particularly profound this season, there were plenty of not-so-ordinary details, design elements, and of course that brooding nature of our muse, to satisfy our sartorial hunger.

ed note: since i had to enjoy nyfw from the comforts of my own home this season, please excuse my borrowing of photos from hop on over there for the full collection and their take on this season’s designs.

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