from the runways: jason wu

11 Feb

it’s fashion week again, and in honor of the sartorially rich week, i’ll be bringing you reviews and editorials straight from the runways in lieu of our regularly scheduled posts. happy fashioning!

there’s nothing like a jason wu collection – classic yet modern, ladylike yet edgy, lighthearted yet impressive. all in all, wu never fails to impress.

and impress did he ever for autumn/winter 2013. as guests filtered into the park avenue venue, seeking refuge from the treachery outside, softly pulsing music filled the air, perfectly mirroring the upcoming collection – unassuming yet impactful.

the first look out, a black trench adorned with fur clad pockets, set the tone for the whole show – a very grown-up “extreme femininity,” as wu described it. the collection was a visual journey through rich color palettes and a level of texture play i don’t think we’ve ever seen from the designer before. black faded into white, which melted into snake patterned tops, then lace, then jolting red, caramel, more black, white, and of course, some royal blue thrown in for good measure. and the texture? fur, feathers and leather throughout. this wasn’t the sweet color/textile theme we usually see from wu. no, this was an array of mature, womanly hues in elegant materials, perfect for the designer’s maturing aesthetic and customer.

of course there were the classic dresses, gowns and trousers – and even those characteristic wu stripes – but what stood out most for me were the exquisitely executed outerwear pieces. beautiful cinched-waist trenches, short jackets with bold shoulders and an incredible all white fur coat topped off with patent black belt are what really signified the designer’s segue into a more mature customer base.

but while wu’s muse does seem to be coming into her own age-wise, it’s equally important to note the maintenance of that youthful vigor the designer burst onto the scene with in 2006 – it’s just a bit more refined this time around.

ed note: since i’m having to enjoy nyfw from the comforts of my own home this season, the live streamed shows are the next best thing to being there in person. please excuse the low quality photos, and check out for the full collection – and better looking images.


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