out and about: takoba.

3 Jan


where do you turn when you have a hankering for mexican? for me, it’s definitely the tried-and-true offerings of takoba. this east side joint is not to be missed with its interior cuisine and modern yet rustic décor. the drinks are pretty spectacular too.

takoba’s great because it’ll meet any of your dining needs – lunch, dinner, appetizers and even just drinks (they have a small bar space around back that’s strictly dedicated to whipping up drinks that are sure to top any best-of-austin lists).

and the food? amazing. my personal favorite are the tacos al pastor on the lunch menu – fresh, pineapple-marinated pork dressed with queso fresco and guac (drooling yet?). basically, they’re to die for.

so next time you’re in austin and have a hankering for some spicy, authentic mexican, stop by takoba – you won’t be disappointed. (disclaimer: this is not your tired, run-of-the-mill tex-mex resto – takoba serves authentically inspired interior mexican dishes. no fake yellow cheese and pools of unnecessary grease here!) 





photos from takoba.


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