here we go: 2013

1 Jan


2012 has come and gone, and a new year is upon us yet again. with each annual commencement come new sights, new beginnings and new hopes.

in 2011, i started the tradition of making a list of promises to keep throughout the year. “started,” you say? yes, started. i realize this idea is neither novel nor anywhere near an invention of mine. but yes, i started keeping a list of promises (aka: resolutions) to fulfill in 2011.

but not just any ol’ promises. no, promises that were realistic and that i very much intended to keep. they were true reflections on my life and directions in which i actually wanted to steer myself. there were things like, be less argumentative with my mom, be published in at least one new outlet, try one new recipe every other week, etc. real, quantifiable things that i actually wanted to do.

and i stuck to them. i did bite my tongue (save for a few wavering moments),  i did get published in a new outlet (hello, fashionista!) and i did try a new recipe every two weeks.

keeping up with my list felt satisfying and joyful. these were things that actually meant something to me – things i actually wanted in my life.

and that’s the key – new year’s resolutions don’t have to be crazy or world changing. they should come from really taking a look at your life and figuring out what things – big or small – you want to realistically do. no lofty i’m-going-to-exercise-twice-a-day-every-day vows. no ridiculous i’m-not-going-to-watch-any-tv-at-all ideas that allow for nothing but failure. just normal, realistic, meaningful things.

i also believe that new year’s resolutions can be quite personal. so in an effort to spare you from the inner musings of my dreaming mind, i’ll just include a few things on my list for 2013. here we go…

– be more accepting of people

– maintain friendships and build up relationships with my cousins

– finish the web coding lessons i’ve started

– take at least one picture at every social outing

– balance my check book immediately when the statement arrives

– find a job i’m truly passionate about

so that’s it. there you have it. we’ve checked off the 2012 list (and carried a few things over), and are ready for a new one. new goals have been set; new adventures have been thought up; and new everyday things have been promised.

bring it on, 2013.

photo from pbs.


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