out and about: fresa’s

14 Dec


as soon as those neon walls went up on north lamar, i was quite intrigued. yes, i’m talking about fresa’s, austin’s newest drive-through. drive-through, i say? yes, drive-through.

but not that kind of drive-through.

oh no, this drive-through is so much more. a thousand notches above your typical fake-food-on-the-go joints, fresa’s serves delicious tacos featuring charcoal grilled, locally grown chickens and fresh garnishes and sauces.

how’s that for locavore?

and let me tell ya’, it’s delish. i stopped “in” – ok, it wasn’t in, per se, since i stood outside while waiting for my order – the other week in sweet anticipation of the food i’d waited so long to try. i ordered the maggie and the tomas, featuring bbq brisket from another local hot spot, lambert’s, eggs, chorizo, bacon, avocado and wonderfully crafted flour tortillas (not all together, of course).

i was a bit surprised, however, that there are no tables to dine at. while there are a few stools and umbrellas, i presume they’re for use while waiting for that “order up!” to be called. in my humble opinion, fresa’s should definitely add some outdoor seating for those who want to stretch their legs while enjoying their slightly messy (in the best way possible) tacos.

i happened to drop in while they were still serving their breakfast options, and i can’t wait to explore their lunch menu. here’s to a second visit asap!


photos both my own.


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