out and about: thunderbird coffee.

7 Dec


do you like coffee? of course you do. that was a silly question. let’s start again. do you like good coffee? cool, me too. let’s talk about it…

austin is wrought with establishments pining to satisfy your caffeine-induced hazes day after day. and, with few exception, they’ll all do the trick. but it’s with ardent eyes (see what i did there?) that i look to thunderbird coffee for my java fix.

this local place hits the spot in more ways than one. first of all, their coffee is great (and they tout not only fair-trade, but direct-trade, a concept that focuses on implementing a supply chain that truly involves farmers, pickers and processors in the country of origin). from delectable lattes to delicious cappuccinos, their range of menu items is sure to satisfy.

they also offer a cozy, living room-esque vibe in their shop (i’ve only visited the koenig lane location, but i’m sure the manor road spot is just as comfy), with plush couches and arm chairs and tables that look as if they were picked right out of your grandma’s basement.

it’s also obvious that this is truly a neighborhood joint. just hang around for 10 or 20 minutes and you’ll see people drive up for a quick coffee run on their way to work, young couples on their daily dog walk who stop in for a cup of jo and families who walk from their nearby homes to enjoy a leisurely outing. this place really gives you a sense of community and longing for that locavore vibe.

my only complaint is that their music is a tad loud. sometimes i’d like to enjoy my own tunes while sipping my coffee.

but hey, that’s a small price to pay for the other greatnesses you get when visiting thunderbird. so you should go. like, now.


photos my own.


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