out and about: tnt

30 Nov


if there’s one thing texas is known for (ok, there are many, but let’s play along for the sake of this post), it’s the margarita. there are a number of takes on this lone star staple – sweet, tart, strong, extra strong and potent – all providing a different satisfaction to the bar go-er.

and if there’s one thing austin is known for (again, let’s play along), it’s places specializing in the margarita. the latest feature? tnt (that’s tacos and tequila for those not in the know). and specialize do they ever. this place runs the gamut. they have seasonal varieties – the pumpkin margarita – trendy varieties – the pink hibiscus margarita – and just plain adventurous varieties – the lingonberry-habanero margarita. and none of them disappoint.

oh, and did i mention they have food? the restaurant’s happy hour features $1.50 street tacos (i have yet to try them, being that 5pm is just a tad too early for my dinner – but they look delish), and their chips and salsa are not your run-of-the-mill corn tortilla chips – no, tnt serves up root vegetable chips with an array of delectable dippings.

and i haven’t even gotten to the ambiance yet. the establishment’s unassuming exterior is superseded by a warm, inviting interior complete with mood-setting café lights, wood floors complimented by brightly colored walls and an impressively large tequila rack that hangs above the bar.




have i convinced you yet? good. ‘cause you should definitely venture over to this west 5th street (in the bottom of the gables pressler building, to be exact) locale. and buy a drink or two while you’re at it.

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