out and about: hillside farmacy

16 Nov

i know i’ve blogged in passing about this little gem of a restaurant before, but i’m gonna do it again. ‘cause i can. and ‘cause it’s great.

when i first heard about hillside farmacy many months ago, it quickly skyrocketed to the top of my to-try list. not only was the concept intriguing – an actual abandoned pharmacy, with medicine bottles still in place, that was taken over by local chef sonya coté, of east side showroom fame, and turned into another rosewood homerun – but the menu had me salivating at first glance. i mean, who doesn’t long for macaroni and cheese carbonara or bread pudding french toast?

so, off i went again a couple sundays ago, to bask in the gastronomic glory that is this eastside mainstay. upon entering the small establishment, a rush of dining satisfaction washed over me. the hexagonal tiled floors were complimented perfectly by the dark, warm woods of the bar, booths and cocktail chairs. the brass light fixtures sat perfectly against white ceilings detailed with beautiful moldings. and tucked behind two French doors was a private dining room, perfect for those special occasions with many friends.

if you haven’t ventured over to east 11th street yet, please do yourself a favor and make the trip – asap. you won’t be disappointed.

all photos my own.

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