here we go.

12 Nov

this week is a different kind of week. the kind that marks the beginning of endless possibilities, countless options and an array of inspiring dreams to take on.

with mixed emotions, i said goodbye to the texas exes last week, my home for nearly the past two years, and said hello to the start of my next chapter. while exciting and unbelievably inspiring, i meet this new life with a hint of trepidation – will it work out? will i find my calling? will i make the move again to the one city that truly feels like home? it’s these unanswered questions – the fear of the unknown, really – that has me the slightest bit nervous.

but those nerves will not outweigh the exhilaration this new unknown has me feeling. i’ve been keeping my eye on lots of inspiring quotes lately, and the ones that resonate the most are those reminding me that without risk, which yes, is scary and hard to swallow, you can’t move forward and accomplish bigger and better things. so here’s to you, risk. onward and upward.

it’s go time.

all photos my own.


One Response to “here we go.”

  1. Changing Lanes November 13, 2012 at 8:47 am #

    I love the pics!! Good luck with eerything 😉

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