from where i sit: erin fetherston ss13

25 Sep

edgy and fetherston are two words not typically paired together in the world of fashion. known – and adored, might i add – for her unapologetically girly ensembles, erin fetherston went out on a limb this season with details, fabrics and silhouettes typically reserved for downtown darlings like wang, lim and the like.

but let’s be honest. ms. fetherston didn’t venture too far out on that limb. she sat at a safe distance from her comfort zone, inching cautiously toward something new without risking falling off into total what-were-you-thinking territory.

the bleach-blonde designer with those characteristic bangs surprised us with leather jackets and studded collars and many more pants than i think we’ve ever seen. a biker jacket with tough detailing was softened by a dusty blush hue while a black leather dress maintained that fetherston charm with a youthful hemline and prim cardigan.

but not to toss aside her aesthetic altogether, the designer did include an array of those distinctive dresses and skirts, like the aforementioned leather frock would indicate. while, perhaps, trying a bit too hard with some looks – the black sheath with white accent and zebra-print maxi – with sequins, no less – came off forced and unimpressive – all-in-all, fetherston presented a lovely collection with just the right amount of edge sprinkled throughout (yes, i said sprinkled). i wouldn’t mind adding that pale pink and black floor-length number to my closet, after all.

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