eastside café

20 Jul

if you haven’t noticed, my love affair with austin’s eastside has been growing lately. and growing. and growing.

one of the greatest, the eastside café, is just another reason my affinity (obsession?) for the under-the-radar neighborhoods east of i-35 has skyrocketed in the last few months. nestled somewhat obscurely on the restaurant-laden manor road, this gem of an eatery is an austin mainstay that has been wowing residents and visitors for years – 15 to be exact.

i’ve been strategically roping my friends and family into my recent cuisine obsession (so sneaky), and convinced my mom a few weekends ago to accompany me in checking the eastside café off my to-try list.

andddd i’m still thinking about our meal. blueberry ricotta blintzes were paired with delicious bacon toasted to the perfect crispness, and my mom’s huevos mexicanos – a heavenly baked egg dish smothered in hot sauce – were so good, i almost regretted my sweet brunch choice. almost.

the quaint, southern-yet-oh-so-chic ambiance of the restaurant was complimented perfectly with jazzy tunes from etta james and ella fitzgerald wafting throughout the place’s many rooms. basically, it was my definition of dining heaven.

anyway, if you get the chance, please try this river city joint. you won’t be disappointed.


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