new discoveries.

27 Mar

as i think i’ve mentioned before, one of my new year’s resolutions is to try new places – lots of new places. restaurants, boutiques, and spots to enjoy a nice drink after work (or three) are all on the list. this last week has been quite the success, as i discovered a few of austin’s newest haunts, all of which ignited an instant love affair between me and their menu, decor, merchandise – the list goes on and on. so, shall we…

first up: blue dahlia bistro. located on east 11th, in the up-and-coming east village neighborhood, this adorable french-inspired café is the ultimate brunch spot. from its quaint tables to its warm and cozy interior, there are few places in austin that rival this eatery. granted, its ambiance may, perhaps, outshine its menu (there’s not a wide array of those filling brunch staples we all look forward to on sunday morning), but there’s definitely enough to keep you satisfied. when you go, you have to try the blueberry blintzes. just do it. you’ll see.

and just next door to blue dahlia is the adorable, i-want-to-buy-everything boutique, take heart. this shop has all the makings of a truly superb place to spend those hard earned dollars – and those scarce free afternoon moments. i couldn’t resist buying some cute chinese rabbit magnets and a succulent plant.

and last, but not least (actually, probably the best on the list): lick ice cream. inappropriate name? yes. delicious treats? yes and yes. this ice cream parlor, which embraces austin’s foodie theme of using local, seasonal and über fresh ingredients, is right up my alley. on my first trip (yes, i visited twice within a week and a half), i indulged in a scoop of vanilla and hill country honey coupled with a second scoop of café au lait (i know there was a texas spin on the title of this flavor, but sadly, it escapes me). maybe a round three for this week?


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