25 Jan

In an effort to keep up with my goal of trying new restaurants around town, I met one of my designated eating buddies at the Hyde Park Italian restaurant, ASTI, for some much needed comfort food.

I’d been dying to try this local trattoria for quite some time, and was pleasantly satisfied when we walked into the cozy eatery. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, blah blah blah, but I have to admit, I do attribute most of my affinity for establishments to their atmosphere and aesthetic.

But since it is a restaurant, after all, and one typically goes to a restaurant to eat, I guess I should mention the food. My capellini neopolitano with ASTI sausage was delish, and I thoroughly enjoyed my glass of Inzolia – but let’s be honest, when is the wine not one of my favorite parts of the meal? And although the food did come a bit quickly (that always makes me wonder), it definitely hit the spot.

While the food and ambiance of ASTI were great, I think I like their sister restaurant, FINO, just a tad better – great place to enjoy a summer evening with a glass of pinot (see, again with the wine).

Nevertheless, I don’t think I’d mind visiting ASTI for a second time – perhaps to try their poached bosc pear with gingersnap crumble. Hungry yet?

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