foodie post: annie’s café & bar

27 Jul

this post is a long time coming.


a few months ago, i visited annie’s café & bar for the first time for brunch with my favorite before-noon-meal partner, amanda – ok, that’s a lie, it was my second time; but the first time was only for a latté, so that doesn’t really count.

anyway, from that first bite of the delicious buttermilk pancakes i ordered, i was hooked. this spot instantly became one of my favorites in town.

and not only for its food.

you know how some places just have that “it” factor? enticing décor, exquisite ambiance, and a that can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it-but-you-know-it’s-good quality? well, annie’s is one of those gems.

its exposed brick walls are reminiscent of the many restaurants i grew to love in new york, and its warm atmosphere and rich food is inspired by sidewalk cafés abroad.

this restaurant is also a testament to the growing trend of foodie-focused hot-spots in austin. more and more of the dining scene here is geared toward residents – and guests – who go out not only to satiate their palettes, but to get the total experience – the experience of a fabulous evening – or morning – out.

anyway, my point is, you should try annie’s café & bar – now, if possible. you won’t be disappointed.


(since i was being silly, and didn’t take my camera when i went, photos are compliments of fans on yelp)

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