A new dawn, A new day

4 Jan

Another year has come and gone, more quickly than the last. 2010 was, for me, a year of BIG changes – I graduated from college, packed up my life, moved to New York City and landed my first real job. Now with the excitement of recent-graduate life slowly dying down, I am declaring 2011 the year of renewal – a renewed outlook, a renewed plan, a renewed sense of self.


And what better time to put renewal into action than the start of a new year? Each new year brings hope, anticipation, excitement, and most of all, inspiration. I’m not sure if it’s kismet or just plain coincidence, but I’ve been finding a myriad of inspiration lately everywhere I look – in books, in news articles, in blog posts, and in the simplicity of everyday life. And it’s these little tidbits of exhilaration, of inspiration, that keep me going and push me to keep striving for those big dreams I’ve always relied on (no matter how changed they may have become). So, in spirit of a new year and new aspirations, here are some sentiments of inspiration to keep us going. Cheers to 2011!

new york city, summer 2010

“The goals are what you dream of: ideals, the perfect thing. You set up those challenges, and then you take it day by day. And then you realize those things in an honest, peaceful way…”

– Francisco Costa, Creative Director of Calvin Klein womenswear

“I made many mistakes along the way, but I’ve always rearranged it. Something is bad, then I say, ‘okay, this is it, I have to deal with it.’ And then you rearrange it and you see the right thing to do.”

– Diane von Furstenberg, Womenswear Designer

violeta, tribeca, nyc, ballerina project

*Ballerina Project

“Pilots have something called a point of no return. An imaginary line on the runway where they either take off or run out of asphalt with no chance of getting airborne. Careers have a point of no return, too. Don’t be afraid of it. Push the throttle forward and don’t look back. Don’t fall back on Plan B, whatever that is. Funny thing about Plan B, it has a way of turning into Plan A. Go big or go home.”

– Ernie Schenck, Communication Arts

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